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Did we ever talk about putting a FAQ up for HP calculators?


There's a MoHPC FAQ already, covering some of the most frequently asked questions,

which are usually of the type RTFM,
like the famous 'my HP-xx has decimal points and commas switched'.

And there are several FAQ pages related to HP-48 type calcs on .

The problem is that noone seems to look at the FAQ pages;-)




No one looks at FAQ pages, because at most sites, they're not really FAQs. Instead they're QWWTABTNEAs (questions we want to answer, but that nobody ever asks). Also known as QWEOAs (questions with extremely obvious answers), or QWSCAs (questions with self contained answers). Such questions on the MoHPC would be similar to:

1. What model number is my HP 11C?

2. What does MoHPC (Museum of HP Calculators) stand for?

3. Are there very many calculators in the world?

4. Etc...

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How about turning that FAQ into a sticky thread in this forum?


That could be an idea.

However, one could argue that it's already 'sticky'

on the main page , near the middle of the page ;-)


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