Can HP48 transfer via IR to HP50?


Sorry to ask such a remedial question. I just got a HP50 to replace my aging HP 48GX (can I just say the new keyboard layout stinks?) and I've got a TON of stuff that I've written over the years that I want to transfer. I can't use my computer since HP seems to not know about Mac... Am I doing something really dumb or do these two machines not transfer via IR? Thanks for help anyone offers. - Kevin


No. The 48 series "serial IR" is not compatible with the 49 series IrDA.

If you build (or buy) an adapter for the 50g's serial port to make it RS-232 compatible, you should be able to make a "via wire" connection to the 48 series.

Other than that, you'll have to use something else as a "go-between" for the 48 series and the 49g+/50g.


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"use something else as a 'go-between'" in download as text file to PC and do a fresh upload to the 50G?


Quite so.

You bring up a good point; in general, compiled objects are not compatible between the 48 and 49 series, so an "ASCII" or "Text" transfer should be used.



What are you having problems connecting to a Mac, the 48GX, the 50g, or both?

What ports are available on your Mac? RS-232? IrDA? USB?

Are Kermit-based or Xmodem-based applications available on your Mac? If so, then which ports can they be used with?

Any Kermit-based application should be able to work with all 48 and 49 series. I don't know much about Xmodem (maybe there's more than one "flavour" available?), but the 48G series and newer have it built-in.

But the 49g+ and 50g lack an RS-232 compatible port, which I believe Kermit and Xmodem applications generally expect to use.

That said, I have an RS-232/IrDA adapter which, with the included software, shows up on my PC as a "virtual COM port", which allows me to use at least HyperTerminal to connect with the 49g+ and 50g.

You might be able to use HPConnect between the 49g+/50g and your Mac for a USB connection.

Good luck.


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