HP 19C Decimal points


Not long ago for some reason I decided to look at the display on my HP 19C, and found that the decimal points are little HP logos. The whole world knew this except for me, is that correct? Please advise.


I'm not sure if the "whole world" knows this, but the regulars here sure do. Search the archives and you'll find a good amount of discussion and some nice closeup pictures.




Just Look into the Red Eye .




Consider yourself a lucky guy;-)

Not every HP-19C has the 'hp' logo within the decimal points.

I have a 19C which does have the 'hp' logo on the decimal points,

and another 19C without the special 'hp' logo.



Thanks, I appreciate the responses. I joined the forum just to ask that question, but have found the forum to be most interesting. I have had HP calculators for as about as long as they've been available. I'm not a collector but currently have two 25s, a 45, a 19c, a 12c and a 15c.
Thanks again; Rich


I'm not a collector but currently have two 25s, a 45, a 19c, a 12c and a 15c.

Sounds like a collection to me...:)

Best regards, Hal


He's in denial.

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