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Some time has gone by since under this subject someone pointed out an article about slide rules in Scientific America with a reference to the HP-35. Now all German speaking forum members can get a copy in German translation of this article either in the current issue of "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" April 2007 or as PDF-file at: http://www.spektrum.de/artikel/866419&_z=798888

Have fun

kind regards



Hallo Karl,
thank you for pointing to this very interesting article.
Just for reference: The original English article appeared in the May 2006 issue of Scientific American, but is unfortunately that one is not available for free.


Besten Dank für den Link, Karl!

Karl, thanks a lot for this link! I did read the announcement in last issue and planned to buy the new one. We were taught slide rules and used them in school till the very end. The HP35 hit Germany not earlier than I started university, for a horrible amount of DM then, far beyond the reach of a student. Strange feeling being part of a historic generation now d;-)

Viele Grüße / best regards, Walter

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Thank you both for your responses and your thoughts. I still have my slide rule from old school days long time ago, but I was glad when pocket calculators arrived.

Kind regards


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