HP9830 Infotek Fast Basic


In a reply to the announcement of the HP9830 emulator new release, I asked information about the Infotek Fast Basic. I just found a complete and amazing story of the Infotek products on the great HP9825 site.

It is also mentionned that the fully commented Basic implementation source files were available in a german patent at some stage (and was actually used at the time by Infotek for HP9830 reverse engineering). Is it possible to still find them?

And, again, if someone can share the documentation of the Infotek ROMs for the 9830, it will be very appreciated.



I have the complete manuals for all Infotek ROMs scanned and can send them to you in a private mail. I also can send you copies of the US and german patents. Please send me an email to my private account or leave you mail address in the HP9800E project forum. We also can open general discussions there (e.g. assembler programming for the 9810/20/30).

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