What's the best way to do this ?


I have an Excel spreadsheet with about 170 references to HP calculator programmes (41/25/67/97 etc.) in scientific journals. I'm happy to post it here but I'm not sure of the best way to put it on the site. I've asked Dave and he has suggested putting it on as text. I'm not sure how to do this and keep the format. I also have them available as tif files. Does anyone have any suggestions ?



Hi Charles.

How about pointing all of us to a link to your website (if any)

where we could download the file from?

Best regards.




Using OpenOffice, you can open the spreadsheed in Calc, then copy the cells, and then use the Paste Special command in Writer to paste the data as HTML. Finally, save the Writer document as HTML, and you'll have your table data in an HTML table -- nicely formatted, and suitable for putting up on a web site.

The same trick can be used in Microsoft Excel and Word, too, but I don't remember the exact commands to do this. (I have used MS Office to do exactly this kind of thing quite a while back, but I switched to OpenOffice since then.)

- Thomas


Please put your material on the Articles forum, and not here in the general forum, where it will become covered with daily, less permanent material.


Thanks for your help. I've spent hours trying various forms of cutting and pasting but can't get it as a table. I've posted on the articles forum and it isn't great looking but at least it is there. I suppose that anyone can download it to a format they would like.

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