New Casio’s fx-9860G Slim


Casio has announced the Casio FX-9860G Slim. This is basically the FX-9860G calculator with a new dsign. The model will be available in June for $99 retail price. I think that may be the new trend in graphing calculator. I hope HP is watching!!!


Click here to see the picture of the calculator

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Very very very nice.

It reminds me of my first heavily used calculator, HP28S. I've always loved the HP28S clamshell design, so I'm naturally attracted to this casio calculator.

Today I'm back in school again, and am using the HP49g+, which I love, but I sure miss the clamshell.

When I get into the "real world" again, I can see myself grabbing this casio calculator for easy portability and quick calculations. I will definitely be buying one.


Nice compact item. However, the basic design of such calcs is known for decades (see e.g. the 95LX and more of its time). Based on my own experience with a f991ES having similar features, I rate Casio's user interface as rather confusing and inconsistent. A real mess to work with. No wonder, it is not RPN ;)

So, if we hope HP is watching, I'd prefer they do it a little bit more like this.


Cool design!!! Very nice!!!



Now that's a thing I'd buy immediately!

I particulary like the key order of the numerical square block,


7 8 9 /

4 5 6 *

1 2 3 -

0 . S +

That's how it should always be IMHO,

and has been from the Pioneer series

up to (and including) the HP-48 ,

and also the Voyager series, of course.

Later 'hp' calcs (you know, the funny looking ones)

shifted the arithmetic key column up one row,

which I find very annoying.



Hi Namir, Raymond,

thanks for your very friendly comments!

The draft you see contains the complete function sets of 42S, 16C, 21S, 32SII plus a bit more - e.g. RPN and ALG - just to demonstrate it can be brought onto one not too messy keyboard. It allows to reach each and every function with a maximum of 4 simple keystrokes (incl. all the items in the menus). Many functions are displayed immediately - in a structured way - to make them as easily accessible as possible without "drowning the eye".

Maybe somebody is watching...

Best regards, Walter

P.S.: I should mention I started these drafts for OpenRPN. But that project seems to have passed away in the meantime. No signs of life anymore for over 3 months :( Perhaps I should put it all into an article before it's lost.

Edited: 26 Mar 2007, 5:03 p.m.


Nice, compact, and useful.


I hope HP is watching!!!

Me too! I have also been wishing for something like a cross between an HP28 and HP95. The HP50g, nice as it is, is quite bulky, especially when in it's carrying case.

As to the Casio itself, there are some things I like (overall layout, backlit display) and some I don't (display too small, too few keys, several bad keyboard choices- SQRT a shifted key but LOG an unshifted key?). Here's hoping that HP will learn from Casio's mistakes;-)



Most interesting! This is a neat looking machine with a professional look. You are quite correct, HP's designers could do well to emulate this style.

Casios are fine calculators. The problem is while they have many features, they lack a units menu, which I use extensively. One of their models other than the Classpad, I can't recall which at the moment, had a CAS, which had me close to buying it. Not having the units menu stopped me, though.


Very nice. Casio is an innovator, has always been (the ClassPad is the most innovative CAS machine available nowadays).

This reminds me of the fx7500G, a very nice horizontally folding graphical scientifis of the 7000G breed. It had a tactile keyboard, and mine works flawlessly.

Casio could lead if they listened a bit their customers (see CP300+'s most horrible sins).


This is a great design, too bad it's a Casio. I'd love to see an HP like that. The fx7500G was one of the coolest early graphing calculators. GE, I think the type of keyboard on the 7500 is actually nontactile. Mine also works flawlessly after all these years.


I'd love to see an HP like that.

You missed it, they made it back in 1995:


How about HP responding with a redesigned HP200LX: same keybord (!), color display, less weight, no WinCE. Yep, I know, I'm dreaming.



Casio or not Casio, I'll go and buy two as soon they're out on the market...


-- Antonio


Sure there are 7 mechanical keys under the display, but the others are tactile (from memory). Just look at this nice page on V.Toth's site :
I'll check. Just a minor detail anyway.


No, here's what I mean: I don't consider touch sensitive keys to be tactile. I know 'tactile' translates directly to mean 'by touch', but in the case of keys, since all keys are operated by touch, I consider the designation tactile to refer to the act of providing tactile feedback, responding to the users touch in such a way that the user recieves tactile feedback that the key was pressed, which in the case of touch sensitive keys is absent, and in the case of mechanical keys is present, therefore, mechanical keys are tactile.


All right, I get it now. English not natively spoken here...

Now other horizontal folding designs were : Sharp PC-1280, Casio fx790 and fx795 (those are not really nice), Casio PB1000 (no TI, HP did it 'only' on organizers).

On vertical folding there were some like the Sharp EL-9000 (AER, not Basic) (TI did some non-programmable scientific calculators).

The good point with folding designs is that you don't need a case, and it tends to be more portable.

However, I'll not buy this "new" Casio because it is always the same old function set each and every 'generation' they put out.


As horizontal folding design, I also have a casio 7500G which got me through High school (I could not afford an hp28 back then) and then my sister (I had bought a 48 then).



However, I'll not buy this "new" Casio because it is always the same old function set each and every 'generation' they put out.

Haha, exactly! That's what's so crazy about Casio; they made the worlds first graphing calculator (fx-7000G. 1985), but then almost every single graphing calculator they've made since then has been almost the s-a-a-a-a-a-ame (with a few exceptions), but same limitations etc etc. Crazy!!! BTW, the fx7000G was in production for 10 years, an incredibly long time!


Finally, a calculator with a backlight. Sometimes that would come in handy. But I think I'll stick with the HP's.


Where did you find any indication that the fx-9860g Slim has a backlight? The only information I've found is the press release, which doesn't mention one.


Why me thinks there is a backlight is the little button next to zero. It says "LIGHT" and is colored the eerie green color. I might be wrong, but it's a good guess.


Thanks, somehow I'd managed to overlook that.


I am curious to what the 9860G Slim will have as far as features. Will it be close to the basic models (like 7400G) or closer to the Classpad or the Algebra-2 Plus?

Has anyone tried to program a Casio calculator? I found it confusing.

My favorite Casios are the basic scientific calculators, because Casio manages to pack the most features into the basic calculators. Solar powered with integration, deriviative, and normal distribution.

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