HP67 Cards--got 'em, need 'em?


Thanks to the miracles of FixThatCalc.com, I am the proud owner of a fully functional HP67, sooned to be joined by an HP97.

I have full card sets for the Surveying Pac and Standard Pac. Several of the cards in the former are toast even after a good cleaning. I attribute read errors to the cards since the HP67 is fully charged and my HP41CV batteries are fresh and I get reading errors consistently in both calculators, and expect the same behaviour in the 97 when it gets here.

I am not surprised by this--I think the Surveying Pac cards were actually used, which means they could have started getting some microscopic damage if they passed thru a drive in days of yore as it was moving toward gummy failure.

I mention this since I would like a full working set of the cards and would like to know if anyone with intact sets can help me out of duplicates of my dead cards? I will in time make an inventory of what I need and post here. If you can help me out I with this I will see what sort of favour in kind I can offer you.

Many thanks!



While I am at it, I should ask if there is any way to restore cards that generate more than their share of errors. Any tips, tricks of the trade, etc? I am guessing that in the old days really prudent HP65 and 67 users made at least one back up copy. A bit of misplaced dust or grit in the card reader could possibly score a card and render it useless. I am also wondering if one of my bum cards was inadvertently erased, though how you do that with protected cards on the 67 is beyond me.

Any insight is always appreciated.



It is also possible for cards to lose their information without actually being damaged. You could try keying in the programs from the manuals and then re-recording them; there is some advice on how to trick the card reader into writing to write-protected cards in this article.

- Thomas


You could try keying in the programs from the manuals and then re-recording them

Thomas, I am really quite lazy and the listings in the HP67 books is quite tiny, being a shrunken facscimile of HP97 printer output. So I was hoping some of our friends could help be bypass the tedium. ;)

Also some of the bum cards are data cards for the surveying programs, and I think the manual includes only program listings but not data. I will have to recheck tonight.


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