HP 35 Repair/Parts


I have an early model HP 35 that needs repair and would like to know where this calculator could be serviced and where a battery charger unit could be purchased.


Service is quite unlikely to be found.

Some people here could provide successful help.

On the other hand, adapter can be found, either here in the ads forum or on ebay. It equipped HP 45, 55, 65, 67 and 80. Maybe you'll find the opportunity to buy a calc with battery pack and adapter and complete your collection.

Besides, HP 35 v3 and v4 are quite easy to find on ebay for interesting prices : you'll save quite a lot of money and effort just replacing it by another one... excepted if your 35 is a red dot !


The unit I have is a early red dot.... still looking for a place to get it repaired.

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