15 C Copy made in China ?


Hi there!

Has anyone heard about a 15 C Copy made in China?


May HP bring back the 15 C !


Hi Dan, is this only a rumour or more? 7E9 people produce a lot of them. What's the evidence?


Thank You Walter!

I was told there was a company on internet selling such an item!

Anyhow I did try to get into contact, but there was nothing to find!



A few years ago, a Taiwanese company began selling a 12C clone, marketed as the Aurora FN-1000. You could get it for $25 from Fry's. More info here:


There was speculation that if the 12C could be cloned, then the 15C might be next. But the FN-1000 experiment was apparently unsuccessful. As far as I know, it was discontinued, and no further clones have appeared.


Thank You!


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