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hi all,

Finally the hinges of my 49g+ went all silly and Hp gave a new 50g as a replacement, previous 150 € and only six more month of warranty. Maybe is because I'm not used to it but I like the look of the 50g.Don't get me wrong I'm I proud owner of nearly all LCD RPN Hp's but they're safer at home. So my question is, has somebody been using the 50 intensively enough to tell how it ages?



Better than early units of the 49g+.



The new HP50 is outsourced stuff made by Kinpo. I love my HP50, but have bought a backup in case the original unit quits.


So you mean to say that all those excellent Sinagporean and Brasilian made Voyagers and Pioneers were made by special, purpose built HP factories :-) ? I doubt it.

Don't get me wrong; almost all my old HP's are the USA made ones...because I hate the kind of economic globalization that causes industry to leak away to low cost labor markets.

But the fact is that Kinpo can make every level of quality their major customers dictate.
And the demands HP makes on them qua design and quality is different from Citizen or Casio's. For me, an HP by Kinpo is still an HP.

The best Chinese factories are slowly taking over the lead(or they already have!) over Japan. We have to see how the newly announced TI series will be; but I think when you look at the marketplace the Kinpo/HP products will still be the best around (since HP got back on track with calculators with the revised 33s and 50 anyway...)
Just my 2 cents..


Until management institutes true quality control, unfortunately the best predictor of future performance is past performance. The atrocious key problems of the HP49+, paint flaking off after just a few months use, made them junk. One HP50 unit I have still misses some keypresses, despite all the ballyhoo that problem has been fixed.

Unless and until KinHPo improves their process, establishes a good track record, they are not like HPs of old to me, they're just outsourced Chinese junk. Whether you get quality or not is currently a statistical fluke. The Chinese could do well by studying how Deming revitalized Japanese manufacturing, and put his methods to work.

You are correct in that the only thing for users to do is to complain loudly, insist that KinHPo produce units that work to customers satisfaction. And I have done so.

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Did you adjust your ->KEYTIME? If not, then 400 ->KEYTIME should solve your problem. Also, put the command in your STARTUP file.


>You are correct in that the only thing for users to do is to complain loudly, insist that KinHPo produce units that work to customers satisfaction. And I have done so.

Why would HP do so? As a company, they care about money - and by producing lower quality units, they make more sales. If the HP49g+ was well built, who would have bought a HP50g (assuming they already owned a 49g+)?

Personally however I think the HP50g is fairly decent. But when people buy multiple calculators as 'spares' because of concerns over quality, it just rewards HP for doing a less than perfect job.


I got mine in August and use it heavily in school (7 sets of batteries before I finally went lithium). I'm not sure the button issues are completely fixed. My negation button is just mush and the tactile feedback on 0 no longer guarantees the appearance of a 0. I never had a 49g+, but I have a 48GX, so I know what "good" feels like. All in all though, I still love it.

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