The Silver Line


I know there has been lots of discussion in the past (though not recently) concerning refurbishment of the silver lines on the 35, 45, etc... To the best of my knowledge, no one has yet come up with a suitable method for restoring the lines.

I thought I had a winner, but it didn't work out. I used the adhesive and silver leaf kits found a craft stores, as the representative example shown on the packaging looks close to the lines. But, alas, the real thing wasn't smooth and shiney. In fact, it looked a lot like the silver paint pens I've seen used before. Plus, the silver leaf is not durable at all. The one advantage leaf has over the paint pen, is that the leaf stays where you put it. With the pen, it's hard to keep the paint confined to the high places.

Does anyone else have a good solution for restoring the silver lines?


My HP-67 is 27 years old and the "silver line" does't have a blemish anyplace. Could it be an aluminum strip?




on my 67 and 65, the lines look like silver print on top of plastic definitively, like the side lines on 35 and 45. AFAIK the only metal parts used in this context were the protruding lines next to the power switch on some models of 35 and 45. These are exposed to extra wear, as many of us know, while the others may survive decades almost unblemished, because they stand back a bit.

Best regards, Walter

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I don't have a good permanent solution. I use a metallic silver Sharpie on my 45. It is an okay colour match, not perfect, is harmless to the plastic (I think), the tapered tip allows accurate application with a steady hand, and it can be restored when it wears off.

I think purists would recommend good quality silver paint of the kind scale model hobbyists use. I remember Testor's brand as a kid but I think there is better stuff.




I once received the following advice on silver trim repair:

"For the silver paint...
I get powdered aluminum from a model shop and mix it in with
a clear varnish to make a silver paint. I then hand paint it
with a very fine/small brush. It takes a steady hand."
I never tried it so I cannot vouch for how well it works.


I get powdered aluminum from a model shop and mix it in with
a clear varnish to make a silver paint.

This is exactly the "silver paint" you can purchase. (Though I have seen Inox steel based silver paint as well - looks much nicer, but is very expensive). The silver paint looks semi-good but is for display usage only. Touching the (dry) paint will rub it off and it gets dull. You will have black/silver fingers though :)
It might work to cover the silver paint with clear varnish (it did not work out for me, though).

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