An eBay story with a happy ending


A few months ago I paid a pretty generous sum for an HP65 with case, plastic case, adapter, dead battery, manual, QRG, and almost complete card sets for the Standard Pac and Surveying Pac (just one blank card was missing). But the manuals for the latter were missing and I didn't think anything of it, knowing I had our great DVD.

A few weeks later the seller contacted me to advise me he had located the manuals and he sent them along. So now I have a complete set, and since it was all recently lovingly refurbished by our friends at, it is fully functional.

Just thought I would share this warm fuzzy to remind us that not all eBay calculator transactions are fraught with dishonesty and misinformation.



Hi Les,

A great reminder to us all that most people are honest and try to do the right thing.

I have a similar story - only not with ebay but with the HPMuseum Classifieds. I worked out a deal to trade a HP-45 for a HP-25. I sent off the HP-45 and he mailed the HP-25 to me. But he also emailed me to say that he had accidently damaged the HP-25 when he was cleaning it before shipping and that if I wasn't happly with it, he'd glady undo the deal. A day later he e-mailed that he was shipping a second HP-25 to me and that I could compare the two and keep which ever one I wanted and send the other back or we could undo the deal.

The two units arrived and I selected the one I wanted and sent the other back with a nice thank you. It was very trusting of him - I could have easily just kept both units.




I wish I could tell you a similar story but I can not:

10 month ago I won several auction for EPROMS from shturman76 (Emmanuel Compes). My paypal history shows, that I paid for the EPROMs on 2/5/06. Since then I´m waiting for the EPROMs (Emmanuel sent them, but they were returned to him as they were sent to Italy instead of Switzerland). On 22/11.06 I got the manuals of these EPROMs from Emmanuel, but for the EPROMs itself I´m still waiting.

In January I won again an auction from Emmanuel. As I still did not get the EPROMs (I was waiting for them since 7 month) I decided not to pay for the newest auction unless I get the EPROMs first.

Since then I try to contact Emmanuel about 1-2 times a month but he does no longer reply on my mails. Finally we both gave us a negative feedback in ebay.

As I´m a honest buyer I still want to fix this deal and get my stuff I paid for. Emmanuel itself will also get some money from me for the last auction item. So it should also be an interest for him to fix this. But unfortuantelly he does no longer reply on my mails (I do not know why).
So, what we need is maybe an adjustor, a mediator who can bring us together again. Maybe it´s best if it´s a person Emmanuel an I know. Is there someone out here who would try to help me (and Emmanuel) to get a conclusion again? Please let me know.

Matthias Wehrli


Hello Matthias,

I recently had a problem with an IBM PC 110 that was advertised as working but needing a new OS. The problem was more serious than that and it seemed that the graphic card was damaged. The seller refused to admit that it was DOA and said it was my fault if I was not able to install a new OS.

In order to solve this situation, I used squaretrade dispute resolution service as a mediator, as the seller advertised himself as squaretrade "compliant". After a few weeks of message exchange through squaretrade, he accepted that I return the computer and got a refund.

You can use squaretrade as a free service and you just exchange messages like in a message board (that's what I did) or you can at any time ask for a mediator to come in and help solve the problem. In this case the fee is $30.

I've had several problems recently, with people never answering their emails. I've learned that the best way to solve an issue is always to call them directly by phone (you can request a seller's address and phone number through ebay). To illustrate this I recently bought an HP-110 and I paid but the item was never sent. After 2 months and at least 5 emails, I still got no answers. I called the guy and I was told by the father that his son has got into his mother's ebay account and made the sale without his mother's approval. His mother never checks her email account linked to ebay as she does not use ebay anymore and voilà ... the explanation of the unanswered emails.

I hope it helps.



Interesting... within 24h I got three mails from frequent forum users that told me, they have / had problems with Emmanuel too.

Here is my summary:

- All of us four had to wait long times for replys on our mails:

It seems, that Emmanuel does has a problem answering mails
continuously, either he has not the possibility to or he does
not want to...

- All of us four had to wait a extremly long periode of time
until the paid item arrived:

It seems, that the postal office in Evreux has internal problems
as many parcels Emmanuel sends out were send to wrong contries
and then returend or the parcels were rubbed by thiefs (3 years
ago Emmanuel could proove this, and I trust him for this) or
they were send by Emmanuel several month after the payment
without explanations.

I was also told Emmanuel had another ebay account (XEQ41) he closed about two years ago, maybe because of negative feedbacks.

I´m very frustrated about his methods as I know him since a HP Meeting here in my appartment about 4 years ago. I had a good relationship to him and wonder what I did wrong that made him changing his mind.. ;( I do not think, I´m a unethical ebayer.




I also had some problems with Emmanuel COMPES (eBay "XEQ41", mail "shtruman76") when I bought him a HP-41C on eBAy.
I payed immediatly, but received the calculator only 2 weeks later, with quite no answer to my several mails.
He said to me that the post service returned the parcel to him twice, and finally he sent it when I said to him that I had told Paypal about this problem.
Finally, he called me by phone and seemed to be a very nice person !
He said that, due to his job, he hadn't time enough to read his mail and answer it. (?)
He also never put any feedback for me on eBay..., even I asked him several times. (It was important for me because it was my first purchase on eBay, and then I would need a feedback for my future purchases)

Hope it helps...



Still bad news for me and all winners of auctions from Emmanuel Compes...

Still no parcel from Emmanuel with my items won on 5/2/2006. But this is not the thing that makes me angry, but it´s that Emmanuel does still not reply on any mails or on this forum topic. It shows me that he has become a rude seller with no respect.

Emmanuel, you can be shure: As soon as I get my parcel I will tell the forum you sent it to me and that you became a trustfull seller again. It´s up to you to blame yourself or not!



I have a very happy ending to an Ebay auction that I lost..

About eight years ago, I was wanting an HP 42S and was keeping my eyes open to different Ebay auctions for any good deals. One auction was offering a New-In-Box (NIB) 42S, but the description was written in an obscure manner, so unfortunately for the seller, the calculator wasn't getting a lot of bids. So I placed a bid of $45, and was the high bidder.

The auction was going end the next morning at 6:30 am. But wouldn't you know it, my home PC decided to have a problem the night before, which meant I wouldn't be able increase my bid (if needed).

So the next morning I went to work early, to watch the auction and make sure I continued to be the high bidder. With five minutes left, someone out bid me, so I intended to increase my bid. But at that very minute, our IT department started some network backup/maintenance process, which decreased network performance to the point that it was useless. So I lost the auction, and the 42S went to the other bidder for $50.

Five minutes after the end of the auction, the network was back up to full speed. I was SO frustrated!! I don't know why I did this, but I decided to write the seller just to say I would've bid so much more if my home PC and work PC hadn't of "locked" me out of the auction. Again, I don't know why I sent the message, because I knew it was pointless - the auction was over.

Within five minutes of sending the message, I received a phone call from the seller. He was calling to say he could tell how bad I wanted to win the auction, and if I really wanted a 42S, that he had bought a SECOND NIB calculator on clearance, at the same time as the first one (the one he just auctioned). He even said I could have it for the price I had bid - $45! He wanted to know my address because he was going to the post office and wanted to drop it in the mail! I said I needed to pay him first, and he said we could take care of that later.

Needless to say, I was SO elated! I couldn't believe what had just happened! I sent him the money and added some more money too. I still can't believe that Texan man's unselfishness.


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