Remember that TI ?


Hi all
and please forgive me to open a point concerning the HP's "enemy" but I know that many of you are remembering TI calculators as valuable and maybe own some of them as well beside the HP collection...

I would like to find back the lost track of the TI assembler kit that has been sold by TI by the ending 70's...
It was something like a TI59 box, keypad and display soldered on an epoxy card containing processor and memory (up to 4kb if I remember well) ...

I just lost the commercial name of this item ... Anyone remember ?




You mean one of these (TM990/189 TMS 9980 A):

Sorry for the horrible link, you can search for item number 260091632530 on eBay Germany instead ( ). Ended slightly over 200 Euros a few days ago, these things seems to be quite rare!

Greetings, Max

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Yes, Max!

That' s it! I never own one of these but I think it put me on the tracks of the mysterious and fascinating assembly language programming I started to study at computer school two years after..

For a calculator collector, that one is a "pièce de choix"...



For a calculator collector, that one is a "pièce de choix"...

Yes, definitely! I still keep some old electronics magazines from the late 70ies and early 80ies (like "Electronics Today International" and "Elektor/Elektuur") that have full-page advertisments for this assembly language trainer. For me, it was too expensive then (and still is, at over 200 Euros at eBay) but if I ever find one for an affordable price, I will certainly add it to my collection!

Greetings, Max


You find some more info about the TM-990/189 on Viktor Toth's excellent site:

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