12C - sell or collect



I've had the luck to buy 7 new 12C calculators (new in the box) at a very attractive price (at a discount of 84 %). The serial numbers are CN11xxxxxx, the calculators use 3 button cells.

What do you think would be better: selling them and making some profit or waiting 10 or 20 years before selling?



the 12C is *very* common, and the Chinese and Indonesian

models are not really comparable to the U.S. made or even

the Malaysian or Brazilian units IMHO.

As you have the 3-cell version, it's the older design,

so that could push up the value slightly somehow.

But I wouldn't wait years before selling the units,

as I don't think the price will rise into the region

of the HP-42S, HP-32SII, or HP-15C ;-)

I have to admit that the '12c Platinum Anniversary Edition'

(of which I have two) is very nice.

The plastic of the shift keys looks a bit cheep,

and the 'orange' shifted key legends are not the

optimal color choice IMHO.

Not surprising, because nearly all newer 'hp' calcs from about

1999 on seem to have been designed by color-blind people...




I would agree about the color choices, in general.

However, I do think the contrast of the 50g color choices is very nice.

Worst? Probably the initial 39g+ with its dark blue, dark green shift functions, and black letters.

Amazingly bad.

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