Kinpo & Hewlett Packard


Just found this one:


I would like to get a couple of those Kinpo calculators, the SG1 and SG2 possibly. Heres the URL, I couldn't find a sales point.


Those machines are available under the "Citizen" brand. I have the SG1 (official Citizen name is different, I don't recall), but could'nt find the "SG2" anywhere, including the official branch. YMMV.



you might want to look here for further info:

and here for manuals:

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt

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I've seen other sites state that one or both of those are clones of the Kinpo made HP 9G or 9S, with only minor cosmetic differences. I haven't bothered to compare them, so I don't know if it's true or not. The 9G is still available from HP's web site AFAIK.


I'm pretty sure that the Datexx DS-883 is a rebadged Kinpo SG2 (also same as Citizen SRP-400G). The DS-83 can be bought directly from Datexx for $60, but it's not hard to find it in Fleebay.

I'm not so sure about the Kinpo SG1, but it may be the same as the HP-9G, which in turn is the same as the Citizen SRP-320G.


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It appears that link is wrong. The correct link has two 'x's at the end, as in

Corrected link: Datexx

BTW, interesting! I never heard of them, but intriguing.



Yep, I messed up the link. It's corrected now.


Just don't put an extra x in there.

My goodness!


If anything, I was being *too* cautious with the x's!

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