my hp 48 runs slow


my hp 48 runs slow when using tds survey card
when i enter numbers on the keys, i get a delay of 3 or 4 seconds before the nos appear on the screen. also when i hit enter to go to the next line, it will delay a few seconds also. it functions ok and calcs ok, any clues . is it the tds card getting old or the hp 48.what powers the tds card,
if i pull the tds card out and put it in another 48 i own , will i lose all my job info. the co ords are stored on the 48 memory right?
the tds card is read only, is that right, in 10 years of ownership i never cared or needed to figure it out.
can i take the cogo card out and start another job in the newer 48.
can i infa red between the one with all the survey points to load them nto the other 48. will one receive via infa red, can that be so easy cheers



your calc may be low on memory,

or the data stack may have many objects.

Type MEM to check if you have at least 2K bytes free.

In the latter case (many stack obs) you could

press the DEL key to clear the stack.

Another option is to initiate a warm start,

which also clears the stack.

Deactivating USER mode will speed up key response, too.



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