Utah teapot rotating on the hp50g


ok, try this guys, get http://www.voidware.com/tmp/v3.zip

and unzip it. inside there are files. V3, teapot, torus and dumbell.

put all these on your SD card and navigate to the SD card and Eval the V3 program. it should run standalone without the ArmToolbox.

you should be presented with a menu. make your choice and off you go. you might like to fiddle with the contrast too.

Warning: if you don't have enough free memory, it will crash the calculator (badly!). try torus first it's a lot smaller.


Torus works fine on mine but teapot crashes my calc. Do you know the memory requirements? How much memory needs to be free in IRAM?



when i go into Files/SD it reports 236476. then it's ok.

i have found the amount of free memory varies wildly depending on
what's just been happening. i think it could be undo info.

i know teapot is close, but i don't know how close. i shall have to improve the memory handling. the teapot is 3783 polygons!

good luck!

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