HP-19BII Repair anyone ??


Hi all.. does anyone know of a shop that repairs HP-19BII calculators anywhere ?? Thanks in advance.


What's wrong with it? Battery door, case coming apart, etc? They're pretty much made to throw away, as the internal posts/rivets often break off where they can't really be repaired. My experience anyway.


Water damage... I placed it near a container with tea inside and it spilled and got the calculater wet. Actually it does perform calculations, just that the first two menu lines buttons don't respond and neither does the first line of the text input on the left panel side.


Wait for someone else here to give further advice, but I would say a dunk or two in distilled water could do it some good. On advice I received here, I finally got up the courage to dunk my 32SII, and it did the trick on sticky buttons. Your mileage may vary, and you are responsible for any damage to your calculator.

Remove batteries. Place the whole calculator in a glass pan of DISTILLED (not purified, drinking, tap, or other) water. Calculator should be open. While under water, press each button, swish it around some, and do it some more. Take the calc out of the water, and shake the water out of the calc, then repeat the process with fresh distilled water. Then, let the calc dry for a couple of days in warm air - Over a heater vent worked well for me. Reinstall batteries, and give it a try.

Gudn luckn!


Gee.. thanks a lot will try that indeed !! Will let you know what happens here.


See the following previous message threads on the Calculator Takes A Bath:

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Good luck,



Thanks a lot too !! I wonder what might work best distilled water or alcohol ?


I'd suggest following Randy's advise - Distilled Water.


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