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Hi I' m gilles from france, I' m now 42 and an old HP calculator fan...
I remember I've been put on the tracks of my job and career by the use of programmable calculator TI57 & 58 I discovered at high school ... with other crazy guys like me !
Once in the ending 70's, I've been writing a letter to HP France telling them I was not rich and starting studies that would need a performing calculator that my parents could not afford to pay for...
Weeks later, the postman delivered a pack containing a brand new HP31E, with all relevant stuff, charger & docs !! For free, thanks to the holy person in HP that read my letter ...
After using the calculator for a few days, I noticed that it has no serial number, neither the manufacturing location printed on the back, and it was some how bugged ! Memories contents swapping or vanishing .. hum.. strange.
I decided to use it only for direct calculations not memory capacities as they were unreliable.
It's thirty and more years old now and the HP31E is still on my side, but no longer alive ... I would like to make it run again and I was wondering if anyone yould help me in this ...



Hi Gilles.
You may want to start browsing this very site pages:

> museum page about 31E:

> how to disassemble a Spice (= the family the 31E belongs to):

> how to self test the 31E (from http://www.hpmuseum.org/features/31ef.htm):
"Self test by pressing STO and then ENTER. At the end of the test, the entire
display lights to indicate success"

> service tips:

> *multimedia* (great pictures indeed :) spice repair:

> looking for professional service:

Hope this helps (to start...).
Best regards.


Thanks Giancarlo, I will start by the beginning and have a look at this...
I will let you know about it - the return of Lazarus ...



Bonjour Gilles,

That is a great anecdote!

I think you should elaborate it a bit more and put it into the "articles" or perhaps into the "biographies" section of the Museum.




Hi Bill

Yes, you're right but I just want to avoid boring my fellows with stupid stories .. :)))
Be just patient a little more, I'm on the way to get it back to life, the best is to come ...

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