HP-200LX died sudenly


Hi all,

well, I know the 200LX is not really a calculator, but I wonder if someone can be of some help.

I stored my 200LX for about 2 months (without batteries), now it simply doesn't turn on, does anybody have some procedure I can try?

Thanks in advance.


Take a look here


Hope this helps.

Peter A. Gebhardt


Thank you Peter,

I've read trough the page, but it actually doesn't say how to solve the situation.

In section 2.2, it should tell how to exit backup mode ... but it actually doesn't.

I've tried new batteries and plugging the unit to current with my AC power adapter ... but to no luck :(


You could try the following:

1.  Remove the backup coin size battery and leave it out.
2. Make sure that there are no cards in the card slot.
3. Buy a new set of AA batteries. Check their voltage
to make sure they are above 1.5V.
4. Insert the new AA batteries only. Leave backup battery out.
5. Unit should come on at battery insertion.
6. Wait 8-10 seconds. You should hear a beep indicating
that you have low backup battery.
7. Press ESC, then ON Key, then on key again.
Unit should beep again indicating low backup battery.
8. Of couse, you should be seeing something on the screen.
9. If screen remains blank, BUT you do hear the beeps,
then unit is operating but something is wrong with
the screen.

You could try ON with PLUS or MINUS key to see
if contrast of screen is set too low or high.
I once had a HP-200LX that was very temperature
sensitive and I always had to play with the
Contrast each time I turned it on and as I used it.
10. If you don't hear any beeps, then it's more than
just the screen or contrast.

Good Luck,


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