HP-65 Leather Case Tab


Everyone may already know this - but I've never actually seen it in print anywhere. For the first few days of owning my HP-65, I wondered what that funny little tab was at the bottom of the case. First I thought it was a pencil holder. A Pentel mechanical pencil fits quite nicely. I remembered how I always had to "dig" the HP-65 out of it's case when I needed to use it. Then the LED went off over my head. Now when I want to remove the calculator, I open the velcro flap, lay the case down on it's back, pinch the little tab between my forefinger and thumb, then push the calculator up and out of the case with my middle finger. I thought "that's typical HP". A simple solution to a tricky problem.


I thought "that's typical HP". A simple solution to a tricky problem.

But, then they designed the battery compartment cover for the HP-28 and managed to accomplish a tricky solution to a simple problem.


Yep, mine's broken too.

There is definitely a drop in quality between the LED machines and the LCDs. Some may say they're more rugged, but that's only because they're lighter. I wouldn't pay more than $100 for ANY HP LCD machine. On the other hand, I'd pay $1000+ for a state of the art machine that's built like a 67. But then, most people wouldn't, so that's why they don't exist. Most of the ones out there I classify as "kids toys" - and that includes the ones used for college & professional exams - kids need portable power to throw in a backpack & take to class. In the real world, it's all too easy to use a laptop, or if you want that handheld feel, run MathuPro on your cellphone. Let's face it - the only major market left for calculators IS "kids toys"!


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