Does anybody know the cause of the recent proliferation of HP-12C's on ebay and elsewhere? Is HP dumping large supplies to prospective buyers?


So, you noticed it too?

Yes, what could bee the reason for that?


Maybe, HewPack consultants are reading this forum...



Você não teria um manual da 15C pra negociar?,


Marx Pio


Alo, Marx;

infelizmente tenho somente o que acompanha a calculadora. Só serve o original? Posso providenciar uma cópia. Me manda um e-mail.





Seems he offers him a copy of the 15C manual via email;-)



I see.


WalMart and other stores have been closing out the 12C. I bought one at WalMart for $35. It is made in China, has printed keys (I think the 12C keys used to have molded-in legends)and the keys are smoother looking. I saw someone in the Museum Classified ads offering a 12C, manual, and slip case, mix or match, for considerably more than $35, no mention of vintage. I think he wanted about $12 for the slip case - you can order this from HP for $6!

HP has some new models, low-end for students. One is called 6s, very plain and poorly documented. Another is 30s which is kind of interesting, a sort of dual LCD, fancy molded case, different colored overlays, no bound manual but a big foldout instruction sheet with many functions.

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