11C enter-key question


I bought a 11C recently and i noticed that the ENTER-key is a bit stiffer than the other keys. It doesn't move downward as far as the other keys, but it does work properly though.
Can anyone tell me if this is a normal/common thing ? (I haven't handled a 1XC before


Press the top of the key.


I didn't mention it, but what i described before is what happens when i press the top of the key.


This is normal on many Voyager series machines,

and IMHO the only annoyance on the Voyager series.

Most of my Voyager units require the ENTER key to be pressed

with more force than the other keys.

Also the key feedback (click) is different.

However on some of my units the ENTER key works as expected,

with nearly the same feedback as the other keys.

You can imagine that those are my favourite units;-)



Good to hear it's not a real defect. Thanks for the info!

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