old-style HP-32SII seen (and purchased) at Fry's


I was at Fry's in Palo Alto today, and found an old-style (orange and blue shift keys) HP-32SII. Needless to say, I snarfed it; I looked for more, but all I could find were the disgusting new color scheme ones. Maybe the other stores would have some lying around.

I realized that the 32SII was the last half-way-decent RPN calculator being made, and that I should get me one, about the time that HP decided to switch the color schemes. I've been looking for one ever since, and finally my quest is over.

It still doesn't feel like a woodstock-series calculator, and it *is* a tad too wide, but the display is a lot more readable than my 48sx, or even my 41cx.



Congratulations for your 'new old stock' 32SII.

About the display: Have you ever seen the very nice display on the voyager series calcs (10C to 16C) ?




I bought a new 32SII a few days ago, but I couldn't stand the new colors... I took it back to the university bookstore (Duke) and the lady who sold it to me let me swap it for the display model, which has the orange and blue colors...

The date code is 3546... (1995, week 46...)

The keyboard on the older one is much better than the keyboard on the new one I returned... The new one felt mushy and several of the keys squeaked a bit...

There is a warranty card in the box that offers a 3 year extension for 19 bux... Do you think they will still honor it?

I asked her if she had any 42Ss or 15Cs laying around in the stockroom and she just laughed...

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