AC Adapters/chargers for vintage hp calculators


I have a hp 45 calculator, but have lost my AC Adapter. It appears this is one of the hardest items to locate for vintage hp calculators. Can anyone help with suggestions? Lacking the charger, I'd like to find where I can locate just the connector that plugs into the calculator. With this I'm hoping I could modify another 5VDC charger. Unfortunately, without an AC Adapter, my little beauty is virtually worthless. Help!


Well, the AC adapter from any of the classic series will work, and this would include the HP 67, of which there are usually a few up for auction (with AC adapters) on e-bay at any given time. I occasionally see just an AC adapter being offered also (but I admit not very often). If cashflow allows, you could buy one the 67's off of e-bay, keep the adapter, and re-sell the calculator. Or better yet, keep the 67 and enjoy it too! (that's what I'd do).
Best regards, Hal


The plug on your 45 is custom HP for which there is no substitute. 82002 chargers alone can be had on eBay on a fairly regular basis, $30-$40 is the average for a known good unit. All LED classics (35/45/55/65/67/70/80) use the same charger.

Buying an untested unit is a iffy proposition, 30% or more may have broken wires rendering them DOA. They can usually be fixed but it's a pain in the butt.

The 82002 contains two supplies, one current controlled 50 ma source to charge the batteries and a 4.5 volt supply to run the calculator.

You can run the calculator with a 5vdc supply alone and forgo the batteries it you're not a purist ;^)


boy, I am an easy mark!

I have 4 classics and figure I need only two chargers (one to use, one spare), so I sold my third one to a fellow Forum peruser for 15 Canadian dollars plus shipping.

Maybe I should've held out for more, but it did gratify me to pass on a little of my bounty to another user. Call me the Anti-Coburlin ;)



I had the same problem with my HP-67. I just bought a standard 3xAA plastic battery holder, made a little work with Xacto blade to fit it in battery compartment, solder 2 wires and now i can use up-to-date 2300 NiMh cells filled with a high speed charger :)

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