Malfunction of LCD segments on 41 display


Hi everybody,

some segments of the LCD display of my 41 doesn't light on when the calculator is just turned on, but a few minutes after, they operate correctly, with sometimes another malfunction during a few seconds. ((They flash slowly).
Could anyone tell me what's hapenning and if it's possible to do something to repair without changing the whole display. (I fear it's not !)
As this occurs on the right of the 7th digit, it doesn't disturb me too much, but when a "1" must be displayed there, nothing appears !

Another thing : could anyone post here two pictures to show me the difference between tall keys (41) and the other keys ? (Or a link to a previous discussion on this subject).



I would expect that to be caused by either a mechanical intermittent connection between the right display driver chip and the actual glass, which I'm guessing goes through an elastomeric connection, or (less likely) by a failure of the right driver chip.

Unfortunately a failure of the interconnection between the main PCB and the display, while it would be much easier to fix, would not result in the described symptoms.

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