Touching up a scratched Voyageur


I have been spending some time trying to improve the appearance of my working grade 11C.

I have found that pretty coarse sandpaper (180 grit) followed by a buffing with a fresh scotch brite kitchen pad got rid of scratches and restored a pretty convincing brush finish to the bezel.

Several small scratches on the key deck that did not cut across lettering were convincingly touched up by a black Sharpie. It isn't perfect, and you can see the ink dots if you look at the key deck in glancing light, but face on it is much more attractive than the silver colour of the metal shining through. The back label was particularly scratched around the edges and painting along the scratches with the pen made it a little less ugly. The pen is easier to use than a small brush and model paint, and if it wears off it is easily redone.

My next project is getting some sort of silver colouring back on the logo. I am going to try a silver ink gel pen. Some women friends are also heavily involved in stamping and scrapbooking, so I may seek their advice on how to get colouring onto the outside parts but not in the grooves.

Thought I would share that with you. The pleasure I get out of my 11C is much greater now that it looks, to my eye, a little better than when I got it. True collectors may object to my methods, but I am not selling it!


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Hi Les.

Congrats for your 11C revamping!

How about share a couple of snapshots of the outcome of your activity?

Ideal would be: before and after the intervention :)

Best regards.



Hi Les,

I have been spending some time trying to improving the appearance of my working grade 11C.

Reading about you cleaning up your "working grade 11C" made me pick up my 11c from my desk. What a sorry state it is - it is always on my desk, usually under a pile of papers, gets exposed to all kinds of dirt and dust, but just keeps on working and working. The only cleaning it gets is ocasionally wiping a wet finger across the display. The feet are almost worn away.

About four years ago, I did send it to Randy and had him do a complete cleaning of it since several keys were getting problematic. It's been in daily use every since and is a real work horse for doing daily calcs.

Who knows how long it would last if I took a page from your book and cleaned it up a little bit.

Great work Les and enjoy the 11C.


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