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You break my heat by showing this 9815...
When I was 18 (in '85), my father came back one evening with a big thing he put onto my desk saying "It was in the trash at my office, I took it for you but I don't know what you can do with this big calculator…" (He knwe I was already interested in). Guess what it was : a HP-9815A with its printer an its tape recorder, fully operating ! It stayed onto my desk a couple of years without I really used it, because I didn't have the User's Manual, and one day my parents moved from their home to a smaller flat when I was gone for my studies. When I came back,I never saw again the "big" HP... back to the trash definitely ! (I didn't told my father my deep interest in calculators and especilly HP to keep him without too much regrets !)

Now, I could buy it, but it won't be the same as having the other for all these years...


That was noble of you Jean-Michel. I think there's a 9815A with your name on it 'up there'.

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