HP 15C: Any cure for an HP 15C with "snappy" keys?


I recently bought a "mint" condition HP 15C on Ebay. It is in perfect condition, all except three keys that make a "snapping" sound after you release them. They have a good tactile feel and work okay, just the snapping noise. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix it, or is there anyone who works on older HPs.



I have both 15C and 16C, bought as new at the time they were bought as new, and I remember one or two keys (ENTER and STO, if I am not wrong) at the 15C's keyboard used to snap, too. After a few monthes of use, that snappy sound disappeared. If you do not sense any different resistance to the movement of the keys when pressed, you should not worry about it. I wouldn't.



You're not alone. I purchased a new 16C ten years ago
and noticed the same thing with the 'ON', 'DEC'
'4' and '5' keys. I then put it in storage
but pulled it out recently when I saw one go
for a lot more than what I payed for it.

Does anyone know how it might affect resell
value ?

Thanks for any help/advice.


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