protecting oneself from paypal


After about 200 transactions on ebaby, most of them using paypal, i got ripped off twice at the same time. One was a dishonest seller who lied about the condition of an Anita RPN claculator, The other was an auction for a dvd set that was canceled by ebay but paypal took my money anyway. I contacted the sellers, no dice. I complained about both of them to the ebay/paypal conglomerate and they ignored me.

Then i went to my credit card company. Wells Fargo demanded an actual answer. Paypal ignored them. After 3 months my money was refunded in full for both and they took it out of paypal's hide.

The moral is to always use a credit or debit card to pay off paypal and if there's a problem; go to your bank. Paypal already has your money - they don't see any problems.

Sorry to muddy up the waters here. I just thought it might help someone.


Not a happy story.

The one time I was ripped off by a seller on eBay, I went through the PayPal dispute process and got my money back in about a month. I wonder what made your case fall through the cracks? Good advice regarding the use of credit cards. I'm curious about debit cards, though. It was my understanding they don't enjoy the same level of protection as credit cards, at least under US law.


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