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When I look around at many of the old calculators, it seems that some have paper boxes, some have hard plastic cases, and some seem to have both (hard case came in a paper box). Did all the old calculators come with these hard shells, or just certain models? Maybe it was an option?

Seems like from a collectors perspective, it would be nice to know what came with all the models inside the box as well, so you knew if you were getting everything, or what you needed to look for. These seems especially true for the manuals, where it seems that often you might have the owners manual, but not the advanced/solutions manual. Maybe this information does exist?


I think all 2nd generation (and beyond) calculators came in a cardboard box.
Earlier models came either in a plastic case oder faux(?) leather case (luxury box).


I'm pretty sure I've seen a HP-67 in a hard case like the early models. Maybe some of the 2nd Gen calcs as well?


I have an extensive but not exhaustive online museum of packaging at www.enterhp.com. I am working at assembling more information, but as you can guess, finding new models is hard, especially pre-1990 or so. For the sake of simplicity I have divided them into 11 categories, which I arbitrarily named:

1. Classics
2. Voyager Grid
3. 41C /71B (similar to #2)
4. Redbox hand
5. Sunset
6. Grey
7. Palmtop
8. Modern Box hand
9. Cobalt
10. White
11. Blue/White

I am working on adding others, along with the dates of manufacture. (roughly)

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