*easy* stack commands to get battery level?


I'd like to follow the progress of my batteries' great journey. I tried that On-F6 command, and while it gave me what I wanted, I was hopeing there was a simpler way to get the power level thrown right onto the stack or something.

I know there is a battery utility, but it gives an image of a battery at the top of the screen and I don't care for that. Is there a program I could type in and just save under "checkthatbattery" and just run that program everytime I needed a battery-level-vouyrer-fix?



Or are you saying you want someone to do all the work for you?




Always want others to do the work. :-)

Well, I needed to update my ROM, so while at it I just tossed that battery program in the calculator as well. I was very pleased that the icon isn't permanent, and that your usual header appears after another keystroke---I wasn't expecting that!


I have a 49G+ (I rather like it and don't find it buggy enough to bother with a 50G just yet) and I must admit that is one neat little program!


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