Modifying character set........and later it defaults. :-(


I've spent much time modifying the character sets so my equations look nicer. Once, while changing the batteries (but with a charged CR2032 installed) the character sets restored to their default value. bummer.

Another time I tried to check my battery level with that On-F6 keystroke, and in order to get out of the menus it did a warm restart and, yep, the defaults were restored.

Trying to restore my changed characters from an SD card ( :3:xxxx Restore ) does NOT restore changed character bitmaps.

any ideas on how to keep my precious modified character sets?


What calc are you talking about? I'd guess it is an HP50?

I tried changing the character set on the HP48 and HP49 too and found the same problems, it is one of those features that sounds like a good idea until you actually try to use it when it turns out to be more of a problem. :-(


Prof. Rautenberg's Fontman may help:


Sorry, it's a 49g+, and I'll check out that link in about 2 seconds.


I grabed my copy of fontman from Rautenberg's website

and I extracted the zip file into a new folder. This folder now contains:

Fontman file 2kb

I placed the Fontman file 2kb and the LFont.F onto my HP49g+.

when I click and press the down arrow on the LFont.F, I get a beautiful array of fonts, but when I echo them onto the stack the actual character corresponds to the default characters the HP normally has. But no problem for now...

When I click on the Fontman button (Fontman is now the name of a program in that menu area, so I hit one of the upperrow keys to activate it), I get on the stack

Library 308: Fontman 9.2003 WR

I don't "enter" a program at all. What do I need to do to get the program "running"?



It isn't a program. It is a library. Libraries go in port 0 1 or 2. Use port 2. Move the file into port 2 using the filer. Press and hold ON-C and release both at the same time. Your calculator will reboot. Press Right shift-2 to access the library menu. Then read the directions.



One more thing. Rather than waiting for someone to answer you, you can probably find your answers much quicker by searching the main hp calculator discussion location, comp.sys.hp48. This group is dedicated mainly to older "collector" models.

Type your question in the search, and I bet you will find it.



Where "\->" represents the "right arrow" character (right-shifted
0 key), read up on the commands FONT\-> and \->FONT. For that
matter, also see FONT6, FONT7, and FONT8.

Anyway, you can put your current (possibly modified) font object
on the stack with FONT\->, save it in a global variable, and later
recall it to the stack and make it your current font with \->FONT.

Wolfgang's libraries and programs are usually excellent, in
particular in optimization for program size, but he does seem to
have a bad habit of using unsupported entry points, which can make
one fail with ROM revisions other than the one that it was written
with. Whether this is the case with Fontman, I don't know.

Regarding the ARCHIVE and RESTORE commands, note that they archive
and restore only the home directory and its subdirectories, thus
all global variables including reserved variables. In particular,
they don't apply to the flags or various other settings that
aren't stored in global variables.

Also note that everything is case sensitive on the RPL models.
"RESTORE" is a built-in command; "Restore" isn't.


Edited: 20 Feb 2007, 8:16 p.m.



My post refers to the 49 series (49G, 49g+, 48gII, and 50g).

I'm aware that there are applications for changing the fonts on the 48 series, but they're not built-in. For those methods, see their documentation.


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