Polynomial Root Finding on the 12C


Does anyone recall seeing in recent months an entry or a link to something (maybe from Gerson or Valentin) discussing how one can use the 12c's NPV/IRR computing capabilities and CF registers to find a real root of a polynomial?

I have been wracking my brain trying to figure how it is done but I can seem to trick the HP12Cp into finding the root I want. Keeping getting Error 3 or Error 7.

Any ideas?



Hello Les,

I think you mean Valentin Albillo's HP-12C Serendipitous Solver.




Try Valentin's article:


- Pauli


That's the one!

Ingenious, even if you do have to trick it into finding a positive root.

FWIW, the timings on the 12Cp are several times faster than that quoted for the 12C. The cheap kinpo thing is good for something!



Best regards from V.

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