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I've just discovered that my HP-11C has the same keys of the HP-12C, with labels upon them to cover the old 12C functions names. The cover-up is perfect, since I never realized it until now (I was looking at the keyboard under a very low angle and against the sun), and still a colleague of mine cannot see the difference.

I don't know if I have to be happy or sad. Is it frequent with HP-11Cs?
Have I got a rare HP-11C or is it cheaper than I thought?

I remember having read about this on Internet, but I cannot find where: can you help me?

-- Antonio


Ciao, Antonio!


Scroll until 10C Series Versions, in the middle of the page.

I have a dead HP-11C with not painted keys, but I guess you would not want to open yours just to replace the keys...



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> I remember having read about this on Internet, but I cannot find where: can you help me?


You probably saw it here (at this site) in the Collector's Corner. In the Variations, Special Models, and Bugs section, look for 10C Series Versions to see a key as you describe.


p.s. I see Gerson's reply arrived while I was writing this message. You've got to be fast to beat Gerson ;-)

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Thanks both.

But what about the value of the calculator?

-- Antonio

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