Transparent back calculators


Reading all the messages lately about transparent back machines... I seem to recall that back in the day (late 70's or early 80's) some PPC member was selling transparent backs for the various HPs.

This isn't too difficult to do - just take a sample back to a reputable plastics shop and they can make anything you want - even glow in the dark. Fabrication today is much easier (cheaper) than it was back then.

I suppost an *original* HP demo unit with a transparent back would be valuable for historical reasons - but it's authenticy could be difficult to prove as it's so easy to make one today.



I do know there are some factory transparent case calculators, I believe the HP97 init production (at least) for internal HP distribution to senior execs/team members came in clear see-the-innards cases.

Bill Wiese

San Jose CA



I have a HP80 with a transparent back and a transparent transformer.
The label at the front with normally Hewlett Packard HP80 is at my machine a label with the small HP logo on the left and then a name. I checked the name with HP and it was was a former Sales guy. So I am convinced they were next to pre-fabrication purposes, also used for demo's.
I have no homepage myself So I can not post a picture here.


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