hp 15c bezel reflectiveness/ logo pic request


Well I'm in the midst of refinishing my 15c, and have been sanding/ trying to get the bezel as close to original condition as possible. However, I do not have a 'great' condition 15c to compare my results with. How reflective are the stock bezels? For instance, if you look straight at it under a nearby light, can you see the light's reflection fairly clearly? Or are all the reflections barely visible?

In addition, with the hp15c logo piece, how reflective is the logo? I've seen some where it looks almost completely chromish, then I've seen some where it appears a dullish silver with the same lined matte finish. I'm thinking some of those have been retouched.

Any good pics/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much


on my near mint 15C, reflections are very soft on diffuse on the bezel. The logo is silver and mirror shiny.



This is pretty good:



Thanks for your replies. I am aware that the reflections of the bezel are quite suppressed, but my interest is more in 'how suppressed they are.'

I've seen several pics of the 15c from different angles, etc...but what I'm interested in is a pic at a side angle up-close of the bezel and lcd screen with an object reflected off the lcd screen, and comparing the reflection of the object on the lcd screen compared to its surrounding reflection on the lcd. This is all assuming no camera flash is utilized and there is a good ambient light source.

If anyone could do this it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Try this. I taped an HP-11c vertical to the base of an OTTLITE L139AB, and placed an HP-15c nine inches below the light. That should give you reflections of both calculators onto each other.

Another idea would be to look on the bottom of an aluminum can.


Robert, Allen's pics are perfect and faithful depictions of what a mint bezel should look like. My 15C looks the same, and this is why I know I got a good result myself on the 11C with 180 sandpaper and a black kitchen sponge. This is really hard to gage if you don't have a good reference. These pics are bang on, though, second only to the real thing.


Hi Robert,
Just for general information:
I have been collecting these models, with special accent on the earlier versions released the same year or two within their official entrance on the market.

The early bezels are interesting, in that they seem to use a clearly 'thicker' layer of aluminum, but also have a very, very slight 'crosshatch' pattern against the lengthwise graining/finish. It is alomist impossible to describe or photograph, but it is there...

Similarly, the logo's are of changing/dubious quality sometimes.
The earlier model logo's have thick layers and stay good for years. whilst the later versions, such as the 11c from the late 80's, tend to wear away if the user used the cover alot..

So sometimes, what looks like retouch or fiddling, is just caused from a different supplier or change of specs in the aluminum or logo sub suppliers for HP...
Good luck with the finishing!


There's also the issue with the plastic and metal logos. Plastic has a mirror-like chrome finish. Metal is less shiney, if I remember correctly.


Wow thanks for the awesome pics Allen, greatly appreciated!!

It's just what I needed, my bezel right now is WAY too reflective as is...so I have some thinking to do.

And thanks to the rest of you for your information as well!

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