What can I cannibalize for a 48GX display?


I have a 48GX with a broken screen. Will displays from a 38 or 39 work in the GX, or do I need to use another 48?


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I am not sure about a 39G, but the 38G should work.


The cheapest replacement displays are the HP38G or HP339G displays. They are both compatible. I believe the HP49G display is also compatible (but not HP49G+ and not HP50G).

The HP39G is the easiest case to open, however its display is rather difficult to remove since you have to first remove the protective plastic (it's held via strong adhesive). Likewise goes for the HP49G, as it is essentially the same case. You must first pop the rivets near the battery compartment. Those are the only rivets. There are no metal tabs. I believe it's worth your while to use one of these displays as they are all the black LCD types.

The HP38G resembles the HP48G in terms of rivets and metal tabs. So the same technique for opening the HP48G should work for the HP38G.

Note that it is not easy to replace an LCD, and you could very well end up damaging the twist-tabs that holds the PCB (in the HP48GX) if you have to keep adjusting the LCD and the two connectors.

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