RPN emulator for Palm OS


Just in case anyone is interested, MathU Pro is on sale at www.creativecreek.com. I really think you will like this product.


Both MathU and MathU Pro are pretty nifty, and they look great on the color Palm machines! Unfortunately, they are a little difficult to use without the stylus, and the price for the Pro version is a little steep at $35. Thankfully, they're on sale now at $15 for the Pro version and $10 for the (non-programmable) standard version.

One oddity I've noticed is that they chose to use the 12C's version of the TVM app rather than that of the 10B or 17/19BII. (Using interest rate per period, rather than APR and periods per year.) It also lacks the ability to generate amortization schedules or to perform rate coversion and profit/margin calculations as built-in functions. Still, these are relatively easy to add.

Another missing feature is the SOLVE application, though this is probably an unavoidable omission. I'd be interested to know if someone out there has had any luck writing a program for MathU Pro to emulate it.

It really is a shame that they don't emulate the 42S, though, since I would almost certainly be willing to pay $35 to have a full-featured 42S emulator on my Palm.


Actually, the 12C version is better in some respects...IMO.

1) There are a whole lot MORE 12c's out there than any other HP business calculator. Therefore, this works more like what most HP business calculator users would expect.

2) The HP-10B version has a terrible time dealing with time periods that are under a year unless one changes its setup to be like the 12C anyway. For example, to find the FV of $500 for 5 months, using 12%, compounded monthly, can't be done by inputting 12 I/YR, 500 PV, 0 PMT, 5 N, FV, if the P/YR are set to 12.

WOrks fine if you're trying to find the FV for 2 years, but for time periods UNDER 1 year, the only way to solve this requires one to change the P/YR to 1 and do it the 12C's way.

I've always just taught my students who use the 10B to do it the 12C way and use the interest rate per period.

My 2 cents...feel free to disagree. :-)


Nevermind. What was I thinking? My problem will work on the 10b...sorry about that. :-)

Must have been my depression on the "demise" of HP's calculator business, in principle if not in reality.


And here I was, all set to write a witty and biting critique of your last message... :^)

I do agree that, if you have a good handle on the math involved, the 12C method is pretty flexible, and actually requires less fiddling with parameters. For your average financial duffer, though, who only half remembers an accounting course s/he took in college about 20 years ago, the 10/17/19 method is a little more intuitive, IMHO.

BTW, WRT HP's calculator business: I feel your pain. :^)


Yes, I'll agree that inputting numbers via the stylus takes some getting used to, but having the power of an RPN calculator on a Palm device (which has about the same footprint of an 11C machine) is a tradeoff I'm willing to live with. I have to carry the Palm anyway, and often don't have room for one of my larger HP machines. MathU Pro has many features of the 11C, 12C and 16C all in one. My 11C is my current work machine (again due to its size). I find MathU Pro easier to program that the 11C, it is much more like my 41C to edit, and has lots of memory. If the quality HP calculator is going the way of the Beta format, perhaps we will all have to learn to use a stylus.


Does anyone have a recommendation for an RPN calculator that runs on PocketPC devices? (I've got an iPAQ on the way . . . )


you might consider the HP-LX Connectivity Pack application, which I use on my laptop. it emulates the HP-200LX calculator app, providing conversions, math mode, and a particularly nice implementation of solver.

i don't know if it will work on the pocketPC OS, but does in any DOS or DOS-emulation environment I have.


Try Tom Bolton's RPNCalc available on download.com.
More than 200 functions, expandability and programmability (the higher flexibility requires you to register for continued support, around $20). True RPN behavior.
Behaves much like the 28 series. Knows and handles matrices, complex numbers, "binary numbers" (integer values that convert from one base to another simply by changing the mode) all as stack elements that know how to coexist and work together. Also infinite (within memory) stack and ability to scroll within the stack.
Quite unlike the 15C "complex mode" or separate "matrix space" (DON'T SHOOT ME OR BRAND ME A HERETIC! I know the 15C is great -- I'd love to get one at a reasonable price! -- but a 4-element stack and "modes" do get cumbersome!)
No graphing capability to my knowledge, but how many 3-D spatial graphs of "Xsinh(X^3)+5arctan(Y)-6e^(Z^2)" are really needed outside of current high school calculus tests (do kids in these classes really know the meaning of or understand what "arctan" is or can do, or do they hope the calculator will think it's way through the first "you must think this one through yourself" problem?)??!! All you fans of "you must understand the math first" calcs feel free to open up a new topic based on my last parenthetical remark!
No guarantees you'll like it, but it's worth the 15 day free trial version to test it out.


Would you mind giving an URL or other pointer to it? Thanks.




Also, there's LOTS of stuff available at PDAStreet:




I use Emu48CE and find it excellent. I use a modified Wombat 2 setup with 48 emulation and it is fast and easy.




Thanks you VERY MUCH for pointed out the sale on Math_U_Pro, R.J.! It is a nice program, and very similar to the HP41's programming.

I had tried it before, but passed it up in favor of RPN, because of the price.

It's nice to have both on my Palm now - Math_U_Pro, for it's EASY programmability, and RPN for it's many available user aps.

I'd like to see an HP16C emulation on the PALM. Joseph M. Newcomer has the start of a nice version except it is very slow, as he himself acknowleges. www.pgh.net/~newcomer.

And I'd surely think it'd be wonderful to have an HP41 or 42 emulator on the palm (though the Math_U_Pro is so similar). It'd just be super-cool to run the actual same programs as the HP41 on the Palm! I don't yet want a WindowsCE machine (on which the emu41 and stuff do run now), because of the much higher battery usage, higher intial expense, and more cumbersome OS. (And MS Outlook, which is what they sync-to is "banned" where I work, because it is too prone to virus and trojan attacks!)

Anyway, it is wonderful that you made this sale known to us on this forum, because it's been awhile that I had re-visited Creative Creek and would not have known...



Boy, did I not proofread my last posting! Excuse the mixed tense and misspellings!

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