Custom menus with submenus on HP-49g+?



I know how to customize a menu (editing CST or setting it with TMENU).

But how must CST be set to show a custom submenu, leading to another custom menu in the same directory?

-- Antonio


For a lot of information, try:

I believe that the custom menu techniques apply to all 48 and 49 series, and perhaps the 28 series as well.


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Also, look here:




Looks like you updated all your training modules for the 50g. Nice work! Thanks to the training modules and the AUR you guys wrote, the 50g has a great set of documentation now. I can't thank you enough.


After surfing among your suggested sites, I managed the following CST:

{ "_MATH" «
{ "HYP" « 12.0100 MENU » }
{ "_KEYS" «

ARCH and REST are two programs I wrote for backup and restore; ENGMODE and MATHMODE set up approx and other flags on the run to set a completely approx mode or a completely symbolic mode (both are little programs of mine). READ is the HeadMan library reader, HLP49.SD is the Bill Markwick help system (non CAS). Of course I plan to extend it: this is only a sort of general scheme.

Hope this one will help anyone needing it. It's a simple one-level submenu, but a two-levels submenu may also be set, nesting the CST one more level: this could make the listing hard to read and to correct, though... The menus have a prepended underscore, to simulate the submenu symbol; I remember here that this is not a real submenu implementation, but rather an on-the-fly menu substitution; on one-level submenus like this, a way-back key is not needed; maybe on two or more levels submenus, but I haven't clarify the tecnique to use to myself yet.

Greetings and thanks James and Gene

-- Antonio

Edited: 12 Feb 2007, 9:01 a.m.


Hi Antonio.

ENGMODE and MATHMODE set up approx and other flags on the run to set a completely approx mode or a completely symbolic mode (both are little programs of mine)

How about sharing your solutions here in the Forum?

Or are you planning to release them on

Congrats for your efforts.



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