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My HP Xpander's batteries no longer hold charge. I opened the battery compartment and I see that the unit is powered by two rechargeable AA NiCad batteries. There is a warning on the batteries, as well as the manual that the batteries are not to be replaced by the user and there is a danger of explosion (!) if incorrect batteries are fitted. Further, there is room for a flat CR2032-like battery, but there is no battery there.

Does anyone know if this scary warning is true, as the batteries seem pretty straightforward to me. Also, does anyone know what type of battery is the extra (most likely backup) battery?


They were just concerned that you might use something other than NiCd cells. Should be no problem if you use those. Even NiMH would probably be OK, but don't use alkalines!

I wouldn't install the lithium cell; if they didn't provide one, it's possible that the circuitry for it doesn't work or wasn't production qualified.


I've used alkaline cells in Xpander--worked fine. But for goodness sake don't try to recharge them! Just discard and replace.

The Xpander will also work with no batteries on wall power, but this may not be a best practice if there is a surge depending on the power supply inside.

It is a bit tricky to insert batteries with the stiff spring contacts at each end. I use the corner of a credit card as a shim to keep the spring straight while putting in the battery.

As you will note, there are no electrical contacts for the coin cell compartment. This had not been implemented in the pre-prod model, I believe.


Thank you both for the information. I now (!) see that there are no contacts in the coin cell compartment. I think it's safer to use rechargeable ones.


I have had good luck with a national chain called "Batteries Plus". They have many types of rechargables, but the best part is they have the spot welder to link them together (those little metal straps). They have been inexpensive, and if you talk the talk they will work fast! Bill


Batteries Plus. Good to know Bill. Thanks! (It's amazing how many batteries one person needs...)

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