Transfer directories from 48GX to 50G



I've not had any success in trying to transfer directories containing variables, programs and data from my HP48GX to an HP50G.
I've tried editing the 48 GX text file of the sub-Home directory structure by changing the header to %%HP: T(3)A(R)F(.); which seems to be the 50g header, and renaming the file ?.txt. Dragging it into the 50G only produes a string.
Any hints or tips would be much appreciated.


Nigel Ward


I have the same problem. I also need 50g -> 48GX.


For the meaning of the ASCII tranfer header (similar to %%HP:
T(3)A(R)F(.);) see
It's the same for all 48 and 49 series.

By "49 series", I mean the 49G, 48gII, 49g+, and 50g.

But if the header is similar to HPHP48-x, then that indicates that
a binary transfer was used, and in general, binary objects
(particularly programs) aren't compatible between the 48 series
and 49 series.

Use an "ASCII" transfer from the 48 to the PC, and then an ASCII
(or "Text") transfer from the PC to the 49 series.

In exact mode, the 49 series treats any number that doesn't have a
fraction mark as an "exact integer", or "zint" (object type 28).
To avoid having the 49 series compile integer-valued "real
numbers" (object type 0) from the 48 series as zints, have the 49
series in approximate mode while making the transfer to it.

You can use the SD card (or MMC) for transfers between a PC and a
49g+ or 50g, but only binary transfers are built-in for the flash
memory card. For work-arounds to allow "ASCII" transfers with the
card, see or

Most source code for the 48 series will work in the 49 series as
well, but the behaviour of some commands may be different,
particularly when the 49 series CAS gets involved.

Also note that 48 series global variables could have the same
names as 49 series commands or reserved global variables. For
those cases, the global variable names would have to be changed.

For transfers from the 49 series to the 48 series, first off, note
that the 49 series have a lot of new commands that aren't built-in
to the 48 series, so any programs would have to be restricted to
the 48 series command set, unless a global variable or library
command with the same name and behaviour is available on the 48.

Also note that zints aren't available on the 48 series, so zints
are converted to real numbers, and if the mantissa is over 12
digits, then it will be rounded, and zints with an absolute value
over MAXR will be treated as +/-9.99999999999E499.

The "symbolic matrix" (object type 29) is new to the 49 series,
and a symbolic matrix that can't be compiled to a real or complex
array will cause an "Invalid Syntax" error on the 48 series.

In general, because of the UserRPL compiler limitations, the
following object types can be transferred only in binary mode, and
thus not between the 48 and 49 series:

16 Library
17 Backup Object
20 Internal Binary Integer
21 Extended Real Number
22 Extended Complex Number
23 Linked Array
24 Character Object
25 Code Object
26 Library Data
27 Minifont
30 Font



Thanks for your response which has solved the problem for me. I think HP's documentation on what should be a simple operation is lousy.


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