Nice 65 for sale....


I have it on good authority that this recently was in the talented hands of FixThatCalc. For anyone with a Classic adapter on hand, this is quite the temptation.

I would try to snag it myself, but I already paid a handsome amount for a 65 that is in the process of getting similar loving treatment.

Also, FYI, our classifieds work! I just acquired a much desired 34C from a fellow Canadian for a fine price with the benefit of quick shipping and the freedom of Customs hassles.

There, I think, my collecting must stop. It has been a cold January and I just got the heating bill....



Wow! It is nice! No sign of damage to the label at all.

I'm holding out for a relisting without the $200 mininum bid though...


Blast! It went in the last 7 seconds, to pg444, in Switzerland. Look for it to be listed sometime, I've bought from this guy before. A type 2 HP35. He's a good seller, at least I had no problems.

PS: I found it MUCH faster to buy from Germany, Switzerland and the UK than it is from the US. Go figure. Some European sellers are averse to PayPal though...

Edited: 6 Feb 2007, 10:12 p.m.


It is a good thing I didn't get it.

I need to be stopped before I kill again!!!!

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