HP Classic Battery Pack 82001


I am thinking of building brand new replacement battery packs that will replicate the 82001 package fairly closely. I am wondering if there is any interest for collectors wnating to have stering silver contacts on these. These will be the 1000mAh Ni-Cd type with plastic injection molded package made from die mold. I have the molds manufactured now and I am in process of getting the final design determined. I did not know if solid Nickel or the sterling silver would be more appealing. the silver contact would cost slightly mode since the sterling silver is about four times the cost of the solid Nickel contacts. This would not be the taped up type sold on EBay or repaired versions with soldered joints but would have the original spot welded type contacts so that the battery life is not degraded from the heat of soldering. Let me know what interest there is. I am about 2-3 weeks away from the first packages.


For environmental and longevity reasons, I would pay good money for substitutes for the 82001 that had NiMH cells. Cadmium is nasty nasty. I am a satisfied owner of two waterhosko "taped up" packs, and will likely buy more soon when my other Classics come back from the FixThat Calc hospital, but I would love a NiMH version. I have fashioned a makeshift 2000mAh NiMH pack for my 33C, and the suckers last for ever one a single charge. Yes, the fit is sort of snug, and the broken contact should be fixed one day, but it works.



I'll look into the alternative battery chemistry to see what the difference would be. If they use the identical AA cell dimensions then substitution of these should not be a problem. Is there any concern on the electro-voltage level difference do you know.


I checked the battery supply and these NiMH type have about 50% more capacity i.e. 1500mAh versus 1000mAh but lloks like they need a special charger. Charging in the Classic calculator at the 40mA trickle charge may not work. You would then need a special outside charger to fit the special battery compartment contacts. Also I do not know how much room the temperature sensor takes up on the package that could be a problem also. The original pack only had 600mAh so the new batterys available with 1000mAh are 67% more charge capacity anyway.


Don, I am learning there are tons of objections to using NiMHs in the Classics, of which you list a few. That said, I understand that some folks (Dia Tran and Katie Wasserman come to mind) have fashioned NiMH packs for the HP97 and 82143 printer and claim no problems. They take a while to get to a full charge but last forever. I use Duracell 2650mAh cells in my 82240B printer and have done lots of printing lately with little evidence of serious drain. Waterhosko's taped up pack is still going strong in my 82143 printer, and I gave it only a single full charge about a month ago.

My makeshift NiMH in the HP33c seems to charge adequately off the wall charger, though I know purists would suggest I am doing something dangerous....

So I think you need to stick with the NiCad standbys, and implore users to safely dispose of them when they eventually die.




The original charger simply charge the NiMH cells too slow. It may not bring it up to full charge but would cause no problem. Most of the problems involving NiMH charger are related to the fast charge rate that most of these chargers do. If you said that the original charger only charge at 40mA then it would take something like 3 days to fully charge the batteries but it is also below the 1/40C recommended tricker charge rate.


Well if it would charge in the calculator, then I do not see any major problems to amking up a pack withthese instead of the NiCd's. The cost of the 1500mAh is just 50% higher for the basic three cells I believe. I looked at the 2000mAh cells but that are slightly longer so they would not allow clearance for the standard package design of the classics unless the endwalls were thinned to fit. If you are really interested I think I can set up a special modl set just for theis version. What about silver contacts instead of solid Nickel?

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