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Can anybody tell me when HP started shipping Voyager products from Brazil. Specifically HP 12c. How does it compare in quality to the USA made products.


My Brazilian 12c is superbly constructed.


I have a 1989 Brazil made 11C. Even though it was a cosmetic train wreck when I got it (I just removed the bezel to get some dust out that was driving me nuts), it seems to work fine. I am assuming it must have been robustly made if it still works--it looks like it took a beating in the hands of previous owners.

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Here are the SN's I have:

12c 11c 15c
2201A 2146A 2241A
2835A 2208A 2248A
3150B 2505A 2437A
3209B 2520A 2507A
3242B 2528A 2529A
3339S 2536A

So I would venture a guess that the 12c brazilian was roughly late 1989 to late 1992. I have two other Malaysian 12C's and a Chinese model. IMHO, I would say the order of quality decreased with each successive production run over time. The best being American, then Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, then lastly, the cheap communist junk.
You can guess which one falls below my quality threshold. : )

(keep in mind I am not EXACTLY sure of that order.. only inferring from the data.)
Hope this hepls, Regards!!

other neat pics here:

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Allen, your sample isn't large enough... from serial numbers I've recorded, Brazilian Voyagers date back to 1983 with 2343B the earliest I have on record.

IMO, although there were minor differences, units built in Brazil were equivalent to the USA quality-wise.

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I have a 11C 2323B.

O.T. I decided to celebrate 12C 20 years buying one. I looked at eBay and found one that seemed unused, from someone in Corvallis. I bought it and when I got it I saw it was made in Brazil.



I have some Brazilian Voyagers, and some of them are actually good (working aspect) when compared to ones from other origins. The fact is that the HP11C, HP12C and HP15C were the only Voyagers (officially) produced and commercialized in Brazil. Neither the HP10C nor the HP16C were commercialized here. I have one HP10C and three HP16C, and they are all from USA.

About production details and dates: have no clue, though... Others have already post and mentioned dates that may give a better location in time.

My 2¢... maybe only 1¢.

Luiz (Brazil)

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I bought my HP12C in 1987 made here in Brazil (20 years old !!) and it is like a new one (except for some dust inside the screen and 2 batteries changes) working very well (all keys are firms). I have also a HP15C working perfectly.

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