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Maybe somebody can enlighten me, even if this is a non-hp question:
Today I got this Compucorp 320G:


But unlike other 320Gs it has these unusual red sliders and start/stop key on top. I suspect, that it is a 320 that was converted to a 324 at some later stage, the two rightmost switches Program/Run and Memory1/Memory2 seem to work as one would expect from a 324.

Has there ever been anything like an upgrade kit from Compucorp?
Or is this some third-party add-on?
Or is it a very late Compucorp product where they combined whatever parts they had left in stock to produce whatever they could get from it? (I have seen this in US made aeroplanes already...) ?

I had hoped to complete my collection of Compucorp 300-series sometimes, but if there are more special models like this one, I think I can forget about this idea!

Greetings, Max


This is a homebrew "upgrade" I already read about, but never saw until now. The chipset was "dumbed" down by simply using a faceplate covering the advanced switch positions. So an easy 1000 USD could be saved by cutting the faceplate and adding switches, the PCB already had the contacts in place.

I find this extremely unusual, considering the complex and expensive chipset. It has been a common way to diversify the product line on pocket calculators though. Same chipset, but soldering one bridge unlocks the more expensive "memory" or even "root" functions :)

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