Help ! ! ! with Zengrange module


Have 3 Zengrange modules that came out of my uncle desk ( passed away ) ,also had a HP41 calculator which I sold to "Jim" a neighbord for $75.00 cash , when I shown him the modules he offered me $25.00 each and could not get his money out fast enough which made me somewhat suspicion , went on E-BAy and found out that they are ZEROM which are going for over $100 each .
What are them ? also when I ask Jim for $125 each he offer to exchange 2 of the module for a Zeprom programmer that he has and told me that I can get $300.00 or more when I list on E-Bay the Zengrange module and the Zeprom Programmer ,is that a fair trade ? ? .Would appreciate any comments or help in determining the true value of the modules I have and the programmer that Jim want to trade for .
The programmer he showned me look similar to the ZEROM module with a green extended board about 1 1/2 "long with some electronics on it.Part # 01-0021-01 made by Zengrange
Any help would be appreaciate
Thank you in advance

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I have seen ZENROMs in eBay (code word around here "TeS" = The eVil Site) selling anywhere from $150 to $300 US dollars. You can probably make good money with them.

Regards, Thor


Do you speak about ZEPROMs or about hte ZENROM? The ZEPROM is a 16k reprogrammable EPROM in module housing. It´s quiet rare and requires the programmer he showed you (I would be interested in this stuff - programmer and ZEPROMS). Today there are better solutions than a ZEPROM, mainly the Clonix /NoVRam project of Diego Diaz or the MLDL200 from Meindert Kuipert. They are easier to programm and do habe more storage registers (up to 1MB). So the ZEPROM technology is only interesting for hardcore collectors as I´m supposed to be.
The ZENROM is a very powerfull module software but has nothing to do with the programmer as it is not reprogrammable. Maybe someone else can tell you more about it´s contents. I´m no longer interested in this module (ok, for $100)... it can be used as image file in the Clonix / NoVRam / MLDL2000.



hmm, if the neighbour is willing to trade he might have two progammers Matthias...

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