"Upgrade" HP Museum DVD and then resell the old version


There is an auction on ebay that is selling the old version of the HP Museum CDs. The seller says he "upgraded" (not bought new) and is selling his old set.

That seems like it should be some sort of violation of Dave's CD's licensing agreement. Is it Dave? The seller would basically be selling a copy, to recoup his cost.

If he purchased both copies at full price, he certainly would be allowed to sell his first copy. But "upgrading" generally does not extend to being able to sell the old version.

The auction


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If You read a little bit further:

And on and on... You get the idea. This is the original CD I purchased from the the Museum. This CD is copywrited.

You can buy the new version here, it is very nice and I highly reccomend it.




That seems like it should be some sort of violation of Dave's CD's licensing agreement.

There's no doubt about that. In the Museum CD/DVD Offers, Upgrade Notes, it reads:

"Any upgrade version and the original full version that it upgrades are considered a single product, and cannot be separated. This includes upgrades that completely obsolete your earlier CDs. In exchange for the reduced price of the upgrade, you agree that if you transfer ownership of your CDs and/or DVDs, you will transfer all versions together as a complete unit."


Mea Culpa!!! In my rush to liquidate assets, I did not look at the terms of the DVD upgrade, nor did I do a spell check. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I have pulled the auction.


Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

You're welcome! I knew the seller was an honest person because of the link to the Museum CD/DVD Offers and the recommendation to buying the new version, not to mention the high 100% positive score. :-)

Best regards,



For spotting it and for ending it.


Dave, I am a proud owner of Version 5.

Does this mean that when Version 6 appears (if all the scanning doesn't exhaust you by then), owners of Version 5 will enjoy a reduced upgrade price?



Yeah, as long as lots of people don't go selling the base versions, I'll have upgrades ;-)

It's not so much the exhaustion as the boredom. Scan, straighten, crop, fix (dust specks etc.) repeat. That's for the new color scans. The B&W scans were/are simpler - scan, repeat.



So the upgrade will include colour. Excellent, though I must admit the B&W versions have served my purposes very well.



Here are the additions planned.

Anyone have anything that's missing? hint hint... ;-)

Yes, the B&W manuals get the job done, but those early manuals were very attractive in color and the technology is getting better so it seemed like time to add them.



I've scanned EduCALC catalogs #12 and #41 and the Elek-tek catalog Volume V (in color, but it's a PDF). They're here: http://www.wass.net/othermanuals/index.htm if you want to grab them.

Also, I can try making color scans of HP DIGESTs numbers 2,4,5,6 and 7 if you think that's worthwhile. (I see that you have number 3 done already, I don't own #1 or #8) But I'm not sure if my scanner and my scanning skills are up to the quality that you're looking for.



Thanks! I've downloaded the catalogs.

The Digests would be nice to have in color. I'm trying to get as close to perfection with the color (re)scans as possible. ie: straight pages, nice white backgrounds, few dust specks etc.

What I've been doing is scanning each page into a 300dpi 24 bit tiff file, then straightening, cropping, dust specking etc. as needed in an imaging program (I use Paint Shop Pro but there are many others), then I convert them to 8 bit tiffs and then make PDFs. This has been a slow process but has lead to good results with reasonably small file sizes. It's not necessarily the only way to get to a good end result though.

For example, the 41C manual at 300 dpi color is 161 MB which isn't bad compared to 51 MB for the existing 200 dpi grayscale version.

I've been using weights to keep the pages in contact with the glass as much as possible on the bound manuals, and unbinding manuals in some cases. That plus some adjustment of the brightness and contrast can usually keep the pages white even near the edges. Some edges get touched up in the paint program as needed.

That's what I've been doing for the color manuals, though everything doesn't necessarily have to go through that much work.


I have an older version of Paint Shop Pro and know how to use it to clean up the color scans as you mentioned, except for straightening the image. Does your program have an auto straighten function or do you use trail and error to find the image rotation that looks right? This is one of the problems I have with color scans, I have a B&W auto straighten tool in another scanning tool that I use but I need to manually straighten color images and that takes forever.


I'm not using the latest version either (I have version 9). It has a straighten tool where you line up the tool with something straight in the image and then double click. I think this was added around version 7 or 8.

By the way, I got version 9 on ebay for $20. A very well-spent $20 in my opinion, but you do have to watch out for pirated versions on CD-R.

I has a lot of improvements over earlier versions including a nice scripting system.

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(...)(I see that you have number 3 done already, (...)

That's the only one I have as paper version :-)

If I'm not very much mistaken, there were differences in the inlays (a half paged extra somewhere between regular pages), so please keep an eye on your #3 all the same, when the new scans come available.


I'm curious about the 71 IDS that is "more complete than the previous scan". I wasn't aware that anything was missing from my set? More complete is certainly better.


Jean-Francois Garnier's email said:

"more complete scan (includes the full chapter 8 with all diagrams)"

I have not had the time to compare them myself. Jean-Francois? Are you reading?


Aha! That's the Hardware IDS. I had the mistaken impression that the reference was to the Software IDS.

Certainly a better and more complete scan of the Hardware IDS would be great to have on the next set.

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