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Hi all,

I am a customer of RLM software. The company sells simulators for the HP10C, HP11C, HP12C, HP12CP, and HP15C. The web site has announced that they will be selling a simulator for the HP41C. Also they are offering a lifetime membership for $45. It allows you to download all their software current and future updates.

Just wanted to share with the community. I have grown fond of emulators/simulators for several practical reasons.

To visit the RLM site click here


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Namir, that is a great bit of news!

I have trial versions of the 11C, 12C, and 15C emulators, but I have been reluctant to pay for them since there are small errors in all of them and I don't know if the initial $15-$20 cost each extends to corrections and upgrades.

The $45 would cover all that, and would allow one to download new emulators when they become available.

Since we are on the subject, I continue to cheerlead for Free42. Download it and send Thomas a little money--certainly the most fun 25 euros I ever spent!




I have been getting emails from RLM software notifying me of updates and supplying me with the registration code. I appreciate these emails since they absolve me from having to check periodically for updates.



Thanks, Namir.

P.S. You've got email!

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